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3 Largest External Hard Drives Based on Storage Capacity

The time of computers and modern technology is getting better and better each day. From simple flash drives to large external hard drives, the technology has gone a long way. With all the products available in the market for those external hard drives, let me tell which ones are the largest based on their storage capacity.

#1 Samsung 16TB SSD

It is the biggest hard drive these days based on the storage capacity. Imagine how many files can be stored on a 16TB hard disk. The Samsung 16TB SSD has been developed with different enterprises in mind. The use of this hard drive will be beneficial to small-business up to big corporations. It has the largest storage capability, but it comes with a price. You can get this hard drive for around $7000.00. I’d say it’s worth it because the picture you can save in this hard drive can be photos from your whole life.

#2 Synology Disk Station DS214+

This Hard drive does not have 16TB but a little close to it at 10TB max storage capacity. Synology Disk Station is best to use for small business firms to average companies. It’s best known for file sharing at different platforms such as Windows and Mac. You can purchase this hard drive for more or less $360.00 give or take.

#3 Western Digital My Passport for MAC 6TB

If you’re looking for something affordable yet very efficient storage device, the Western Digital My Passport is perfect for you. The excellent part is that this device is compatible to use whether you’re using Windows or MAC. The version made for this storage device is up to 6TB maximum capacity. You can get the product for around $292.00.

If you want to purchase a hard drive, it is best if you will go for the product that has the biggest storage capacity. It’s the best way you can save your money.

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